[Listen] S1E3 The Angry Black Woman

Angry 3

Hey Besties! We are back for a fresh episode of Tea & Cookies. Spring is in the air here in Chicago and we feel refreshed and ready for the warm weather (finally, lol). On this episode of Tea & Cookies, we are tackling the plight of the black woman and the heavy, nasty and persistent narrative of her being ANGRY. With use of the recent hashtag #BlackWomanAtWork, the conversation about how we are perceived in our professional lives is crucial. Unfortunately, the misnomer often follows us into our personal lives too.

Have you been ever called angry? 

How about “aggressive”? 

Was your demeanor deemed “threatening”?

Listen in as we discuss our own personal experiences with this label and our attempts to change the one-dimensional view of black woman in society. We may at times be angry, but we are also kind, nurturing, sexy, smart, professional, resourceful and magical! We are multifaceted!

We would love to hear your experiences. Make sure to comment and share this episode with your besties. Also, check out our written article on the topic. Check out our website www.bestiesmd.com for more from us. Enjoy!

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